Historical walk along the Kempt Road

Marcheurs sur le chemin Kempt, septembre 2009

The historical walk along the Kempt Road is a voyage in time and space, over a period of approximately two centuries. This combination of nature, stories and anecdotes will awaken one’s conscience to the past negligence of elected officials concerning this region.

The historical walk offers walkers a very comfortable experience based on the discovery of history and local hospitality. A descriptive guide (refer to books, references and links) relates the history of this road with excellent geographical maps, points of interest and many illustrations, including illustrations that give a view of the road during different eras. In addition, these photographical documents help the reader to better visualize this period of the middle of the 19th century and stimulate memories.

We invite you to travel the paths, to go back in history, to experience the passing of time, somewhat similar to a pilgrimage through time in the vast spaces of this untamed territory divided by the magnificent Assemetquagan River.

«The true treasure of the Kempt Road is the walk combined with the passing of time that lead the walker to discover it. » (Michel Goudreau, author of the Walker’s Guide for the Kempt Road).

Inaugural Walk of September 15, 2012

September 15, an inaugural walk took place.

There was two departures, one at Ristigouche Sud-Est and another in Causapscal.

The gathering departure:

* Ristigouche Sud-Est the Kempt Road Interpretation Center, 6 chemin Kempt, Ristigouche Sud-Est, 8 AM.

* Causapscal, the parking lot of the Tourist Information Center, 5 rue St-Jacques Sud, Causapscal at 8 AM, with a stop at Ste-Marguerite-Marie.

The meeting point was at Assemetquagan River for a community lunch (participant had to provide a lunch for them selve) with the participant of Causapscal and Ristigouche Sud-Est we had the possibility of walking different leisure walk. Since there was a shuttle service to bring people that din’t want to walk the whole distance and alson come back to departure point.

The hiker’s guide of Historic Kempt Road is still available for purchase at 20$. See books, reference and liks for more details.